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Today's Highlights
6 stylish ways to wear anti-fit clothes like Neha Dhupia
Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia is known for her distinctive fashions sense. While the actress loves t...
This Pakistani bride wore a dark red sari
Pretty bride Fajar stunned as she donned a maroonish (dark) red sari f...
5 mistakes that are making your oily face oilier
People with oily skin know how much of a struggle it is to keep blotti...
7 participants disqualified from Oxford phase III trials
While the testing is seeing an active response from the public, recent...
Health News
“I got fed up of taunts and lost 28 kilos!”
When 18-year-old Aarav realised that all the extra kilos were impacting his self-confidence, he dec...
3 risky places to visit during the pandemic
According to a recent study conducted by the CDC, there are three plac...
Health News
Alia Bhatt's wrap dress is so soothing to the eyes
Her latest style pick is nothing but proof of her simplicity.
Celeb Style
7 hard facts everyone should know about marriage
Marriages may be made in heaven, but it does not assure a heavenly exp...
Love & Sex

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