Are Cities Actually Defunding the Police?

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Stalled: Over the last decade, police budgets have been on an upward trajectory along with their cities' total spending. Then came the killing of George Floyd, followed by months of protests demanding that municipalities defund the police — and it seemed that governments were listening. Major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas, announced cuts of up to $1 billion.

But a deeper look at local budgets for fiscal year 2021 reveals that there hasn't been meaningful change in many of the biggest U.S. cities. In fact, a CityLab analysis of 34 of the 50 largest cities found that more than half actually increased spending or kept it unchanged as a percentage of their discretionary spending. The majority will spend more than a quarter of their general budget on police, according to Sarah Holder, Fola Akinnibi and Christopher Cannon. "We have not defunded anything," said one activist in Minneapolis. But change could still come as city councils begin seeing record participation among residents in the budget process. Today on CityLab: America's Big Cities Aren't Defunding the Police

-Linda Poon

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