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5 things to start your day

Five Things - Europe Follow Us Get the newsletter Want the lowdown on what's moving European markets in your inbox every morning?  Sign up here . Good morning. There are concerns about getting the virus under control, Brexit talks continue and Biden's chances of winning increase. Here's what's moving markets. Controlling the Virus The U.K.'s Covid-19 outbreak is not under control with hospitalizations and death rates rising, the government's chief scientist warned. The number of cases registered on Wednesday equaled the highest level so far in the pandemic, though there are signs that social restrictions are helping . There are concerns about the spread of the virus in the U.S. too, with infection rates rising in Wisconsin and New Jersey . There are some more encouraging signals on the vaccine front, however, with the front-runner from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca

Brussels Edition: Europe rises

Brussels Edition Follow Us Get the newsletter Welcome to the Brussels Edition, Bloomberg's daily briefing on what matters most in the heart of the European Union. It's the first day of a two-day summit dedicated to conveying the image of a more assertive Europe. EU leaders will vow to make the bloc strategically autonomous, reducing their dependence on imports from countries like China. Speaking of which , they will welcome (and give themselves credit for) Xi Jinping's commitment to carbon neutrality. The draft communique we have echoes Donald Trump a bit, stressing " the need to rebalance the economic relationship and achieve reciprocity ," while also lambasting Beijing's human rights record. Leaders will also seek a carrot and stick approach with Turkey. But unlike China, there's no real consensus. The discussion could go either way, and Cyprus's insistence that it won'

This Market Leviathan Dwarfs the Nasdaq Whale

Points of Return Follow Us Get the newsletter Big Fish in Big Ponds When swimming in the waters of international capital markets, watch out for whales. After JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s infamous  "London Whale,"  who in 2012 took excessive positions in derivatives and suffered the cost when markets traded against him, this year has seen the "Nasdaq whale"  load up on call options in tech stocks. The image of whales thrashing about in a bath of water can accurately capture what happens in a small market when a big player takes too big a position.  Now there is a new whale to worry about, and it is a big one playing in an ever bigger pond. Target-dated funds, or TDFs, have grown to take a dominant position in asset allocation. Used by millions of savers in 401(k) plans in the U.S. and similar funds across Europe, they now have more than $2.3 trillion under management, having p

Hollywood in Congress SOS; ‘The Human Voice’ sells for FilmNation; AGC’s ‘Lockdown’ filming in London

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