Wuhan’s post-Covid world

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Post-Covid-19 Wuhan has become a template for the new China, where controlling the narrative is as important as controlling the virus. Governments elsewhere are navigating a balancing act between reviving their economy and preventing a resurgence of the coronavirus. Spain rejected a new national lockdown as European infections climb again, while South Korea tightened rules for restaurants and cafes in Seoul. Hundreds of U.S. employers have told workers not to share information about Covid-19 cases in the workplace. And in the latest worrying study, the appearance of the virus in a vacant apartment suggests the pathogen can drift upwards through drain pipes.

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Multimillionaire investors in the U.S. are hoarding cash at an unprecedented clip, while the remote-work boom has minted another internet billionaire. At the top end of the heap of course is Jeff Bezos, whose wealth just passed $200 billion.

Elite U.S. colleges are losing favor with Asian students who pay full price. In Paris, an exam conducted during the pandemic revealed possible gender bias. Going back to the classroom can be deadly for some, while adventurous parents are choosing to "road-school" their kids.

A damaged warehouse after Hurricane Laura made landfall in Orange, Texas, on Aug. 27.

Photographer: Go Nakamura/Bloomberg

Hurricane Laura and California wildfires are part of the same climate crisis. China is heating up faster than the global average, and Beijing is failing to keep up with more frequent and devastating floods, Anjani Trivedi writes in Bloomberg Opinion.

Heroin's hidden ingredient is a chemical made by U.S. companies, a Bloomberg Businessweek investigation found. Illicit pot still dominates in Canada after two years of legalization. Elon Musk claims his brain machine startup can treat addiction and depression. Scientists say he may be on to something.

The pandemic is turning luxury hotels into homes for the rich. This Cayman Islands mansion with a 100-foot pool is looking for an owner.

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The Nissan Insider Who Tore Up Ghosn's Legacy

Carlos Ghosn saved Nissan from ruin in the early 2000s. Yet in the more recent corporate drama at his former company, the other leading role belongs to Hari Nada, the senior vice president who orchestrated a campaign to arrest and dethrone Ghosn.

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