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America's College Towns Are Facing an Economic Reckoning

Communities that rely on student spending and higher education jobs are struggling with fiscal woes and Covid-19 fears as the school year begins. 

Getting Old Needs a New Look

Covid-19 has exposed the lethal vulnerabilities of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Can better design make aging safer?

A Guide to School Reopenings — in Classrooms, on Screens and Outdoors

What's the best way to teach kids during a pandemic? There's no perfect model.

It's time to Browse 70 Years of IKEA Catalogs

The Swedish furniture giant dropped its catalog archives online, letting shoppers browse 19,000 pages of midcentury Scandinavian design. 

The Price of Saving Paradise

In 2018, Paradise, California, was almost completely destroyed by the worst wildfire in state history. Now local leaders are proposing an ambitious scheme to protect the town from future blazes.


CityLab University: A Timeline of U.S. Police Protests

The latest protests against police violence toward African Americans didn't appear out of nowhere. They're rooted in generations of injustice and systemic racism.

The Pandemic-Era Appeal of Getting Lost in a Labyrinth

Interest is growing in the intriguing structures designed for mindfulness, from backyard installations to finger tracing.


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