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Today's Highlights
Jeera water vs dhania water for weight loss
Sometimes more than a strict and boring diet, what works for weight loss are simple home remedies.
Hitting the gym too hard after the lockdown?
From muscle fatigue to something as extreme as kidney failure, the urg...
Weight Loss
Bollywood loves Chikankari
Here's a look at our favourite celebrities rocking chikankari ensemble...
Celeb Style
Zodiac signs that will never compromise
There’s an extremely thin line between understanding your partner as a...
Love & Sex
Salon vs Dermatologist facial
If you are wondering which one should you choose, here's help.
Micro review: 'eSingles' by Ravinder Singh
Bestselling romance author Ravinder Singh has written a lot of love st...
How marriage affects work for women
When it comes to maintaining a work-life balance, it's always women wh...
Love & Sex
"I lost 22 kilos after my pregnancy!"
Tuhina realised that she couldn't let her weight dent her self-confide...
Weight Loss

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