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Today's Highlights
Are you overdoing Vitamin D intake?
If one is deficient in Vitamin D on the blood test and takes Vitamin D for a limited amount of time,...
How to stop from cheating on your partner
When you’re in a committed relationship, cheating on your partner can ...
Love & Sex
Celebs wore saris with jackets!
Every Indian woman's wardrobe is incomplete without saris. From weddin...
Celeb Style
Snail slime is the new Korean beauty hack
Well, the humble shelled being has become a major contributor to pathb...
Wealthiest Royal Families of India
Over the decades, Indian Royal Families have transformed their ancestral assets and wealth into blo...
Fascinating books on history of food
Many authors have traced the history of food in their writings. Let us...
Will schools and colleges reopen from September 1?
As per media reports, the schools will reopen in a phased manner and t...
Review: 'Legend of Suheldev' by Amish
'Legend of Suheldev' is an educational historical fiction by bestselli...

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