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Today's Highlights
This is how you embrace the new normal at your workplace
Ever since the world has been put under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all companies have mo...
Yoga pose to help you lose belly fat
The lockdown has made most of us gain weight, especially belly fat. It...
Weight Loss
Anushka's maternity dress: All about it
While we're happy for the couple, we couldn't stop looking at the glow...
Celeb Style
Virushka to welcome first child in 2021
Quarantine pregnancies and baby announcements during the lockdown are ...
What to do if your neighbour gets Covid
While it natural to panic and stress over contracting the infection, it becomes all the more importa...
How many times should you have kadha?
Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit our lives, many households fol...
Home Remedies
Why experts are stressing on the importance of flu shots
Some doctors are now also recommending people to get flu vaccine shot-...
Health News
How to shave your eyebrows at home
If you're planning to do your eyebrows at home, we've got the perfect ...

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