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Today's Highlights
Zodiac pairs who are more of friends than couples
One must learn to dwell on relationships that encourages conflicts and the possibility of resolution...
Rice vs roti for weight loss: What’s better?
All you can do is eat in moderation. But often people find themselves ...
5 stylish ways to wear chaandbali earrings
Earrings can always add an extra edge to your outfit. Be it a sari or ...
Celeb Style
5 ways you can look young with make-up
While some make-up mistakes can make you look older, some hacks can ju...
Weight loss: “I lost 34 kilos in 6 months!"
If you too have a weight loss story to share, send it to us at
Celebs open about their postnatal struggles
Despite what you think, celebs don't always have it "easy". Here are s...
Coronavirus may get WORSE during winters
It is a rather grim reminder of the fact that the world as a collectiv...
Health News
'Delhi Riots 2020' gets another publisher
Publishing house Garuda Prakashan has stepped in and confirmed taking...

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