A Republican Convention like no other

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The 2020 Republican National Convention was anything but ordinary. Across four nights, we heard from many speakers talking about gun rights, the evils of socialism, what once was "the greatest economy of all time" and the rise of the something known as the cancel culture, among other things. The speeches themselves were light on policy and heavy on vitriol for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and the "radical left." The convention was also light on masks and social distancing, but we digress.

After Eight Convention Nights, a Few Lessons — Jonathan Bernstein

Biden and Trump Go Cloud to Cloud — Ben Schott

Trump's Presidency in Seven Metrics — Bloomberg Opinion

Trump Botches His Big Speech and No One Will Care — Jonathan Bernstein

Republicans for Biden Shouldn't Forget Their Roots — Hal Brands

Live From the RNC: The Republican Party's Identity Crisis — Michael R. Strain and Ramesh Ponnuru

Republicans Feed Their Persecution Complex — Francis Wilkinson

Republicans Hail Trump, Ignore the Headlines — Jonathan Bernstein

Trump Oversells His Economic Success Story — Ramesh Ponnuru

Trump Doctrine: End Wars But Keep Threatening Enemies — Eli Lake

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