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Learning curve: For months, educators, policymakers, health experts and weary parents have debated how to bring children back into classrooms, and how to do it safely. And as the new school year approaches, only one thing is clear: No solution is perfect. 

I looked at the various school reopening models, and their trade-offs when it comes to the pandemic, students' overall well-being and accessibility. Starting the year fully remote may put students and staff at the least risk of contracting Covid-19, but it could widen existing inequalities. Where schools are resuming in-person lessons, teachers are finding budget cuts and the lack of space to be crucial challenges to putting the right protocols in place. Other schools are still trying to work out the logistical nightmare of mixing virtual and physical classes. All the while, transportation and child care remain hurdles for parents.

"We're asking educators to make decisions that have huge communal health implications," says Javaid Siddiqi at the education policy nonprofit The Hunt Institute. "It's not just about the students, but the community." Today on CityLab:  A Guide to School Reopenings — in Classrooms, on Screens and Outdoors

-Linda Poon

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