What does Trump think the 'Suburban Lifestyle Dream' means?

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Not my cul-de-sac: Last week, in a bid for votes from the suburbs, the Trump administration introduced a rule that would all but eliminate the obligation for state and local governments to show they are using federal housing money to combat segregation. The move sparked legislative challenges, but the president in recent days is still cheering on the policy, which he said would protect Americans' "Suburban Lifestyle Dream." In so doing, Trump was "saying the quiet part out loud, through a bullhorn," CityLab's Kriston Capps writes. 

But the president's appeal to suburbia is based on a demographic vision that no longer matches reality: White residents are a shrinking group in suburbs, where growth has been fueled by immigration and change. By 2010, within the 100 largest metro areas in the U.S., there were more Black people living in the suburbs than within inner cities. Likewise for Latino and Asian populations. And while not every suburb has become more diverse, experts say the city-suburb disparity is far from what it used to be. Today on CityLab: What Does Trump Think the 'Suburban Lifestyle Dream' Means? 

-Alex Wittenberg

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