Trump targets Democratic-led cities with ‘surge’ of force


Greetings, QuickTake readers! In this edition: Global coronavirus cases top 15 million, the U.S. closes China's consulate in Houston, and the last Qantas Boeing 747 leaves a flourish over Australia.

Trump to send agents to cities

President Trump pledged Wednesday to send a "surge" of federal law enforcement to Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico, to help combat rising crime, in a "law and order" push targeting Democratic-run cities.

Speaking from the White House, Trump slammed the "radical left," claiming the movement to defund the police had triggered an "explosion of heinous crimes." He added: "Chicago is a disaster. There'll be a time when they're going to want us to go in full blast."

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot welcomed the additional help to tamp down the city's gun violence as long as they don't try to "play police in our streets," she said, while also accusing Trump of "trying to divert attention from his failed leadership on Covid-19."

The use of federal forces in cities, and Trump's resulting showdown with state and local leaders, comes less than four months before Election Day and follows his recent actions to expand federal authority on monuments—and frequent warnings that crime will spike under a Joe Biden presidency.

In a joint letter to DOJ and DHS officials, more than a dozen mayors objected to the lack of consent and federal oversight, saying Trump's "deployment of forces in the streets of our communities has not been requested, nor is it acceptable" and called for Congress to investigate.

"These are tactics we expect from authoritarian regimes—not our democracy," it said. "The American people have a right to understand the circumstances under which federal action has been authorized in cities."

$ignificant figures

15 million. Global Covid-19 cases topped that threshold Wednesday, with more than 619,700 deaths. Meanwhile, California reported a record 12,807 new infections, surpassing New York as the hardest-hit U.S. state.

100 million. The U.S. secured that many doses of Pfizer's experimental coronavirus vaccine in a $2-billion deal that sets a price ceiling of less than $20 a dose, likely impacting how much other companies will charge.

$104 million. Tesla posted a surprising net profit for the second quarter despite a seven-week shutdown of its California assembly plant, which pushed shares up 5.7% in after-hours trading Wednesday.

Highly quotable

"We're going to protect the American people." The U.S. ordered China to close its Houston consulate to guard intellectual property, Pompeo said. Beijing vowed retaliation for the "unprecedented escalation" of tensions.

"The goal is tomorrow." Mitch McConnell may introduce the GOP stimulus plan as soon as Thursday, likely consisting of "a handful of bills," after Republicans reached a spending deal with the White House.

"They're finding it really hard to go back to the gym." The WHO's Dr. Michael Ryan said otherwise healthy young people sickened by Covid-19 face long-term issues like fatigue, exercise tolerance, and lung function.

This is not normal

Heat spike. Top scientists ruled out the best-case climate change scenarios in a new study, concluding that catastrophic global warming is almost inevitable if CO2 emissions continue at their current rate.

The future is now

Elevated. China is set to launch a trio of spacecraft to Mars, including a rover to explore the planet's surface, in its boldest space mission yet that would make the country the world's second to land on the Red Planet.

What's good

End of an era. Qantas sent its final Boeing 747, dubbed the "Queen of the Skies," to retirement in California—but not before the plane traced the shape of a kangaroo in its flight path over the Australian coast.

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BTW: GOP Rep. Ted Yoho apologized for "abruptly" confronting AOC at the Capitol and using a vulgar term referring to her as he walked away. Watch.

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