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Come Build Your Own Empty Town

Townscaper is a new building game inspired by the design of Scandinavian cities and children's books.
—Marie Patino

The Economics of Remote Work

As the pandemic leads more companies to embrace remote workers, new jobs data explores how a farther-flung workforce expands opportunity.
—Alex Wittenberg

What Happens When a Pandemic Meets a Heat Wave

Extreme summer temperatures target the same communities most vulnerable to Covid-19. Where can people go when staying indoors with air conditioning isn't safe?
—Linda Poon

Philadelphia's Top Prosecutor Is Prepared to Arrest Federal Agents

After Trump said he would send agents to more cities, Philly's district attorney lays out how he might criminally charge federal officers.
—Brentin Mock

What Trump's Campaign Against 'Abolish the Suburbs' Was Actually About

A new fair housing rule winds back desegregation requirements by several decades — and flouts the review process, setting up a legal challenge.
—Kriston Capps


'Reading the City' Helps Travelers Find Books About Their Destinations

If guidebooks aren't your thing, check out these stories to learn about the cities you're visiting next.
—Linda Poon

I Hate-Watch 'House Hunters' to Understand Segregation

The HGTV show highlights more than just open kitchens and bickering couples.
—Natalie Y. Moore

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