Silicon Valley is jumping on the microschool bandwagon

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Podded pupils: Faced with uncertainty over the fate of in-person classes this fall, some working parents are turning to the latest tech disruptors to help mind their children during the pandemic. One solution, for those with the means, is the "microschool," a very small cluster of students led by parents or educators often following alternative learning methods. Interest in this model had been growing for years, especially in tech circles and among right-leaning advocates of school choice, but the coronavirus has dramatically boosted their profile and appeal — and not without criticism.

Educational policy experts tell Laura Bliss that the trend could widen existing socioeconomic gaps that already put students from low-income families at a disadvantage, as well-off parents rush to pod their kids off from public school systems. Research on school voucher programs and charter schools has shown that when given the choice, families tend to self-segregate by income and race. Some microschool proponents, though, say that the trend is inevitable as weary parents reach their wits' end. Today on CityLab: Silicon Valley is Jumping on the Microschool Bandwagon

-Alex Wittenberg

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