Impatient to travel again? Don’t pack your bags

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Spending months at our homes not knowing when we'll go anywhere farther than the grocery store has certainly proved one thing: Nothing gets the travel bug itching like a lockdown. And it's not just a longing for far-away vacations. Many, especially those in densely populated areas, depend on public transportation to get them to work or school, to take them to friends, and to run errands. Once-frequent fliers have been grounded from business travel and holidays — and it's hurting tourism-dependent destinations, too. How we get moving and where we go in the future of travel in the Covid era will look unlike anything in recent memory.

The Virus Will Make Everything You Hate About Flying Worse — David Fickling

Mass Transit Is the Way to Get Cities Moving Again — Lionel Laurent

London Needs the Tube and the Tube Needs Londoners — Therese Raphael

Fall Travel Flop Undercuts Boeing 737 Max Return — Brooke Sutherland

The U.S. Economy Is Riding On New York's Subways — Bob Foran

Thailand Needs a Shakeup to Emerge From Covid War — Daniel Moss and Clara Ferreira Marques

Why Some Travel Bubbles Might Remain Thought Bubbles — David Fickling

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