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Today's Highlights
5 different ways to use your lipstick
Lipstick is one of the most used beauty products. But, do you know that you can do a lot more with i...
Why masks will STILL be needed after a vaccine
We have to understand that getting a jab of coronavirus vaccine does n...
Health News
These zodiac signs make the best work colleagues
Surely, different people and personalities govern our work surrounding...
6 times Tara Sutaria made a bold statement!
Tara Sutaria, the newest kid on the block made her Bollywood debut in ...
Celeb Style
Inside Kriti Sanon’s chic abode
Will it be a pandemic of plastic pollution next?
There was a sharp decline in the rate of carbon emission, the air qual...
Health News
These 5 zodiac signs make for the best siblings!
If your sibling belongs to the below-mentioned five zodiac signs, be r...
Toddler year and beyond
7 rules to stay safe at the gym during COVID
As we brace ourselves to live with the new normal, we are listing dow...
Health News

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