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Today's Highlights
How to disinfect your house after someone's been sick
It is by coming in contact with these contaminated surfaces, the cycle of illness continues until it...
Here's what cheating dreams actually mean
You dreaming about cheating doesn't necessarily mean you are looking f...
Love & Sex
7 leg exercises women need to get toned legs
Moreover, it will increase your range of motion and correct your postu...
How long does hand sanitizer last on your hand?
Surprisingly, your germ-killing standby does not last for a very long ...
Health News
5 times Kangana made kurtas look modern
Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut loves to experiment with her sartorial choices. From red carpet loo...
How to eat food while wearing a mask?
​​While most people are sincerely following the guidelines, they are b...
Food News
Walnuts vs. almonds: Which is healthier?
Walnuts and almonds are the two most common types of nuts that are pac...
Hand sanitizer: Safety vs effects on skin
We got in touch with a Dermatologist to know the effects of using sani...

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