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Today's Highlights
Type of exes you might have according to zodiac sign
Astrology can help you understand how vulnerable you are in a relationship and also during break ups...
COVID-19: Signs of hospitalization
While a lot of people recover well under home quarantine, in some case...
Health News
Janhvi uses this leftover meal on her face
Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor, who made her debut two years ago has ...
This fuchsia pink sherwani is trending
It takes guts for a man to wear pink, thanks to the regressive stereot...
Weekly Books News (July 13-19)
Watch this week's top books news!
Royalties who married a commoner
Across the world, many members of the royal family have given in to th...
Most COVID patients have one of these symptoms
While coronavirus is a virus which attacks the respiratory system, it ...
Health News
5 things guys find attractive about women
Relationships are not entirely based on external appearances, and ther...
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