Another coronavirus vaccine shows early promise


TGIF Quicktake readers! Here are 10 stories to help end your week on a higher note.

1. A U.K. coronavirus vaccine boosted protective antibodies and virus-targeting T-cells in hundreds of people. The dual immune response lasted for at least two months in people who got the shot.

2. More than 1 million people in the U.K. have quit smoking since the Covid-19 pandemic began. An additional 440,000 others have tried to quit over the past four months.

3. Over 2 million people gathered in northern India earlier this month to plant 250 million trees while maintaining social distancing. India has pledged to increase its forest cover to 235 million acres by 2030.

4. Climate activist Greta Thunberg will donate her 1 million euros humanitarian prize toward climate change. She said the prize money is more than she can "begin to imagine," and that she hopes it will help her "do more good in the world."

5. Portland's Wall of Moms shield protestors from federal agents in Black Lives Matter rallies. Standing between young people and the police have been the Wall of Moms, arms linked and dressed in yellow while chanting "Don't shoot your mother."

6. Searches for Black-owned businesses soar. Yelp searches for Black-owned businesses have skyrocketed 7,000% from a year ago.

7. South African designer is making face masks a global fashion statement. Kelebogile Foko is inspiring others with bespoke masks and encouraging self-expression while keeping the community safe.

8. The Statue of Liberty opened up as New York City entered stage 4. As NYC started phase 4 of its reopening, some of the city's most famous tourist attractions opened to visitors for the first time since March.

9. Qantas just took off its last Boeing 747 flight from Sydney as the airline retires the fleet due to the pandemic.⁠ Australia's flag carrier's flight path drew a flying kangaroo in the sky in tribute.⁠

10. Scientists captured the first-ever image of a solar system like our own. The multiplanetary system is 300 light years away and is the first time astronomers have observed more than one planet orbiting a star.

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