CityLab Daily: When a State Gives Up on its Eviction Ban

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Too little, too late: A housing crisis threatens to hit the U.S. as states begin lifting eviction moratoriums. With the July rent coming due, millions are still suffering from the economic damage wrought by the pandemic. In Congress, Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed a nationwide eviction ban that would protect struggling tenants into 2021 and expand the existing federal moratorium to include most renters, according to Vox.

Meanwhile in Virginia, where six of the 10 cities with the worst eviction rates are located, Governor Ralph Northam is racing against time. A state Supreme Court-mandated moratorium on evictions expires today, meaning thousands of renters could lose their homes if they can't pay or fail to make up back rent. Northam is now calling for circuit courts to individually extend a ban on evictions, while rushing to enroll residents in a rent-relief program rolled out today

Housing advocates tell Kriston Capps this won't be enough. The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development is only getting one-quarter of the $200 million it requested for the program, itself far short of the $1.6 billion needed, according to estimates by the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Even worse, the money the department is getting isn't expected to reach those who need it in time. Today on CityLab: This Might Be a Bad Time for Virginia to End its Eviction Ban

-Linda Poon

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