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Dating app Tinder starts testing a 'hack' to get more matches

Follow us: Here are some stories that you don't want to miss today Dating app Tinder starts testing a ‘hack’ to get more matches Tinder tests new features from time to time with an aim to let users connect with others online. This time it has announced two new features that it is testing in its app. READ MORE Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launch date confirmed The new Call of Duty game’s launch date has been announced. Surprisingly titled ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’, the game will be launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 25, 2019. READ MORE How Google had to apologise over the Indian cricket team It’s World Cup time and cricket fever is just about to grip the nation and brands want to cash in on it big time. READ MORE MacBook Pro reportedly explodes, battery may be to blame A Twitter user has posted a video on the microblogging site showing his Macbook Pro emitting fire smoke. READ MORE 16-year-old boy from Madhya Pradesh dies while playing PUBG: What you need to know READ

“Emotional Contagion — Why You Must Be Careful Who You Surround Yourself With” published by Manj Bahra

Stories for abi Today's highlights Emotional Contagion — Why You Must Be Careful Who You Surround Yourself With It's scientifically proven. Emotions are contagious, and people are infecting you. The question is what are… Manj Bahra 7 min read 30 Years of Depression, Gone The Ketamine Chronicles, April 2019 John Gorman in Human Parts 38 min read Advice for Millennials: The Case for Spacing Out A Gen Xer on the forgotten art of being lost in thought Meghan Daum 6 min read I Did DMT At A Castle In Paris And Went Straight To Hell. If you're interested in research-supported, expert information on psychedelics, check out the… Megan Bruneau, M.A. RCC in Thoughts And Ideas 9 min read Best in LGBTQIA My Queer Skincare Secrets Taking Accutane as a queer woman means being doubted and disbelieved. Sabrina Imbler in Gay Mag 10 min read Why We Can't Define Sex Through Testosterone How Caster Semenya's case leads to broader consequences for sex identification and the participat

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